May Date

It’s Mayl!!

Here is a short recap:

  • January we went out of town to Red Lobster for our first date
  • February we stayed home and had a weekly Game of Thrones date until we finished the season
  • March we got an ICEE and went for a drive to see the intaglio’s.
  • April we went camping at Lynx Lake in Prescott, AZ

We did our May date on the Friday before Mother’s Day, with a small change. Instead of it being just the 2 of us, we had a family night!

Our anniversary is this month and I have a full day date planned, so I thought it would be nice to have a family date first. My husband got to pick between a doughnut breakfast or ice cream outside while the kids play. He picked the ice cream date, but we had to modify it a little bit the day of. A wind storm decided to come through our town, so we moved our date inside and played video games after ice cream.

It was a very enjoyable evening! The kids got to put whatever toppings they wanted on their ice cream. I brought out chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate sprinkles. Kristina had hers with everything and Ilisa only wanted rainbow sprinkles. We then played 2 full cups of Mario Kart (8 races). We played against each other, with me helping Ilisa because she still has a hard time pushing the right buttons while steering.

Our family night made me realize that even though Vadim is currently the fastest racer in our home, Kristina plays lot of Mario Kart and she’s getting really really good at it. Also, even when she’s in very last place, Ilisa wins!

We will be celebrating our anniversary this weekend and I’ll try to have the post out on Tuesday!


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