July Date

July Date!

Here is a short recap:

  • January we went out of town to Red Lobster for our first date
  • February we stayed home and had a weekly Game of Thrones date until we finished the season
  • March we got an ICEE and went for a drive to see the intaglios.
  • April we went camping at Lynx Lake in Prescott, AZ
  • May we did a Family Night
  • *Bonus Date* was a full day to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary
  • June we stayed home for Game Night

Now it is July! Last month was an at home date, so this month was an in town date.

We were a bit late actually being able to do this date. It’s a busy month with Kristina’s birthday at the beginning of the month and our family weekends, but we made it happen this last weekend of the month!

We were to go out for dinner or lunch. Originally I had wanted to go out for mexican food, but I changed it to giving him options. I had him pick between Mexican, Indian, Chinese, or American.

We ended up choosing American and going to Sizzler, since we’ve been to the other places more recently.

It was really good food and the whole place looked different from the last time I was there, a few years ago. It was a nice change to our normal and I’m really excited about getting to go back again sometime soon.

We also didn’t take more than this picture because we spent our time with each other enjoying our date.

And with us doing this date so late in the month, Vadim will be opening next months date in just a few days! I can’t even remember what this next one is either. I might have to sneak a peek.


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