Bonus Date!

Here is a short recap:

  • January we went out of town to Red Lobster for our first date
  • February we stayed home and had a weekly Game of Thrones date until we finished the season
  • March we got an ICEE and went for a drive to see the intaglio’s.
  • April we went camping at Lynx Lake in Prescott, AZ
  • May we did an at home Family Night

May is special! Our anniversary is at the very end of this month so I planned 2 dates! A May date and a Bonus Date. We already did our May date the second weekend of this month, and we just did our Bonus Anniversary date last Sunday! I loved being able to plan and mostly pay for our anniversary. It was the perfect gift to give him. No stress!

If you are doing a date box you don’t have to add a bonus date! I wanted to because of how late in the month our anniversary is. Plus it was fun planning 2 dates!

My original plan was to go to Boomers, then a late lunch to have our traditional anniversary sushi before going to watch the Avengers, then grabbing some Cold Stone ice cream before heading home.


We ended up having to mix it up because Boomers didn’t open until noon and the good sushi places didn’t open until 4. I didn’t think to look at that back in November when I planned this. So we ended up watching a 10am showing of The Avengers, then went to Boomers and stayed there until we were hungry. It worked out that were done with all of our rides and used all arcade tokens right at 5pm, just in time for dinner.

Boomers was a ton of fun! We did mini golf, bumper boats, go-karts, arcade games, and then back out for one more go-kart race.


We then went to sushi and got so full, we had no room for ice cream!


Our June date is an at home date, but Vadim said he wanted to plan his own date for us too. Maybe going back out to go watch Deadpool and get our ice cream after, since we didn’t get to this time.

This date was so fun, I really can’t wait to do it again!


Look at June’s Date