Younique- Why Wednesday Week 9

Where is your dream office?

There is nothing wrong with waking up early 5 days a week (or more) to go to work! I will admit I’ve always wanted an office job where I could decorate my space however I wanted, within the rules of the job. But I think what I have is even better!

I don’t have an “office”. Wherever I am IS my office! My “office” is my phone and my location. I can pick the phone I want and get as many phone accessories that I want to help take great pics or videos. And I can pick, for the most part, where to take my pictures or do my videos.

I make money by sharing my love for these products, by taking selfies, doing videos, and having online parties.

I usually do everything in my dining room, because it has the best lighting.

Today we started a ‘Makeup Class’ style of party. I didn’t have to show up at some office dressed up or anything. We were at my mom’s house, swimming!

When we got out of the pool, we did a short live in the Facebook group to welcome the guests and tell them what we are planning to do with them over the next few days in the group.

It’s as easy as that! Put on makeup, do videos, take selfies, and get paid!

You can do this too! You can click on the link below to join my team! Or if you want to host a party with me, there is a link below to message me for that too! I’d love to talk with you if you have any questions about either of those. Please, don’t be afraid to reach out.



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