Younique- Why Wednesday Week 7

Why Wednesday Week 7

I have been MIA with my Why Wednesday for about 4 weeks now. If you’ve read my most recent posts you’ll see that I was sick for a week and then trying to play catch up. I actually haven’t done my makeup except every Tuesday when I go live on Facebook with my mom for our weekly “Two’s-day Morning Live”. I am so grateful for those lives too!

So today I decided to do a combo “Why Wednesday” and actually give you 2 reasons I’m loving this business!


  • The ability to work as much or as little as I want, on my own time. I took almost a month off from my Younique business, except for my lives. What other job lets you work for 30 mins a week, for several weeks, without firing you or making you use sick leave? I love that my customers are still loyal even when I need a little break. Now I’m back in and working hard!


  • A SISTERHOOD pushing us to succeed! Shortly after stepping back in and looking at what was going on in our team pages, I saw that one of my uplines was putting together a “June 14 Day Slay”. Yes, I agreed to join! We were split up into a few groups to spend 14 days completing challenges and pushing each other to succeed. We are on Day 5 right now and going strong! I seriously love how amazing my team is!


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