Free Menu Planner!

Today I wanted to give you a Free downloadable Weekly Menu Planner! I print this sheet out front and back to plan my meals every two weeks. After I figure out what I want to eat, making the grocery list on my phone is super easy. Just click the link below to download!

Free Weekly Menu Printable

I do weekly rotating meals for breakfast. I’m still working on lunch and dinner rotations, too many variables right now to try. But if you’re curious, this is what I do.

  • Muffin Monday, can be muffins, English muffins, or a loaf. (banana bread is a favorite here)
  • Toast Tuesday, usually with eggs and fruit. Can be buttered, peanut better toast, or a bagel.
  • Waffle Wednesday, I just do Eggo waffles, sometimes it’s with eggs.
  • Thursday Go with the grains. This depends on the season. Spring and summer we do cereal with fruit, fall and winter we have oatmeal and some fruit.
  • Fun Friday! Kids get to pick between whatever I have available. They usually just ask for cereal again.

I hope you enjoy the printable!


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