My Evening Routine- Get more done and feel accomplished!

Since I’ve already talked about my morning routine, today’s post I wanted to show you my Sunday-Thursday evening routine and how it’s helped me overcome feeling frustrated and worn out in the morning.

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If you remember from before, my daycare is open from 5:30am-5:30pm. With no kids coming until 6:45am, I stopped getting up at 5:30am and started getting up with my daughter’s 6:30am alarm. It was a bad idea. I felt rushed and frustrated every morning trying to get everything ready in the 15 minutes I had until kids showed up, and that feeling carried over for the rest of the day. Most of the time I didn’t even get to finish my cup of coffee until noon, which made me even more edgy, tired, and frustrated.

I hated it! But when thinking about it, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how I was going to get into the routine to fix it. Then I stumbled upon Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course, and now I have an awesome schedule that works! She does have a Make Over Your Evenings course as well, I just haven’t done that one yet.

My evening routine starts after dinner. I have the kids start cleaning the playroom/daycare room while I make dinner. After dinner the playroom usually isn’t clean and they have to go back in there and finish cleaning with my supervision.

When the playroom is all done, we start on showers and baths. We are usually done with that by 7:30pm and they get to watch tv until bedtime. I cuddle with them on the couch since that’s the only real “just us” time I have with them. We are working on getting to the point where we can play outside after dinner instead of more cleaning, but we just started that recently.

When it’s time for bed, I’ll get their clothes out for the next day and then help them get to sleep.

When they are asleep, or at least mostly asleep, I’ll go into my room and pull out my clothes for the next day. By picking out clothes the day before, I’m able to decide what to wear based on what makeup I’d like to use the next day. YES, since I started selling Younique makeup, I base my outfit on what eyeshadow and lip product I want to wear! Before, when I’d pick my clothes in the morning, I would grab whatever was on top because I didn’t have time to think about makeup.

Once the clothes are picked, I move into the kitchen. I start with my daughter’s lunch first so that I know I can’t put it off until the morning like I used to. It was so stressful trying to make her lunch while also entertaining one of the babies in the morning. I love not having to worry about that anymore! After I’m done with hers, I’ll do my husband’s. Except on Sundays, I don’t need to make his lunch.

When I get their lunch in the fridge, I’ll get the meat for the next day’s dinner out of the freezer and put it on the counter. Then Monday-Friday, I’ll wash the babies’ bottles. I prep the coffee and sit on the couch to relax if there is time. If there is no time to relax, I’ll go straight to taking off makeup and getting in the shower. Sometimes I’ll do a mask after my shower, too. Tuesday and Thursday, I sweep the kitchen and dining room after my shower.

Last on my list is to get to bed. My bedtime now is 9:45pm. That gives me a good 7.5 hours of sleep every night, enough to have the energy to handle having multiple children in my home the next day. I normally need 8 hours, but I’ll try to get that on the weekend.

If you’re interested in fixing your routine and looking for help to feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished, I highly recommend doing Crystal’s Make Over Your Mornings course with me! It’s only 15 minutes a day, easy to fit in during nap time or whenever you have time.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me! I love being able to help.


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