February Date


I had decided in the beginning to alternate between going out and at home dates. January we had done a date to Red Lobster out of town, which meant at home date for this month!

Every weekend we make bacon wrapped jalapenos (some call them jalapeno poppers) and watch something together when the kids go to bed. Doesn’t matter if it’s tv or a movie, it’s just something we always do. Well, we were a whole season behind on Game of Thrones… Seems like the perfect opportunity to make time for it! So every weekend in February (starting on February 15 because we needed to finish a different show we were watching) we watched Game of Thrones for our date. This probably sounds bad, but we were able to finish the last episode on the same day we picked for our March date. That was cool!

*Funny fact*…. Even though I took them on the day we started the show, I forgot to post these pictures on Facebook and Instagram. I did post new ones when we watched episode 2 with the hashtag we decided on. So only you are seeing these pictures now!

Look at March’s Date