Simple Mother’s Day Craft

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, so today I wanted to show you our Mother’s Day craft.

I had so many ideas that I wanted to do, but with the age group I have, I chose a simple footprint Mother’s Day card. I found it is easier to do footprints vs handprints with babies. The flower footprint idea is all over Pinterest, and this is my take on it.

I used red and white acrylic paint to make pink, since I don’t have magenta right now.

I put the paint onto one paper plate, a piece of paper on another one, and then put them on the floor. I also put a wet paper towel with a little bit of dish soap on it next to the paper plates. I used paper plates because it’s super easy for me to place a foot onto the paint plate and then bring the paper plate with the piece of paper up to the foot for careful placement.

I worked on the rest of the card while the paint dried. Then I cut the footprint out and used a glue stick to stick it on.

So simple! It only took 5-10 mins for each one I did!

I think simple kid crafts are my favorite. I’m excited for when the little ones can help more!


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