Younique- Why Wednesday Week 5

Week 5 already 
This week is all about our Kudos this month! Every month our company gives everyone an awesome bundle at a discount. This months bundle has to be a favorite! I just love our liquid touch foundation so much, and I love saving money  30% off is a great savings that doesn’t happen often.

This month only:

  1. Choose your Liquid Foundation shade
  2. Choose Primer or Concealer
  3. Choose Liquid Foundation Brush, Puff Brush, Setting Spray, or Setting Powder

My picks to go with Liquid foundation are the Primer and the Liquid Foundation Brush.

  • The primer the perfect base to fill in all of my creases and pores to create a smooth surface for the foundation. It also helps hold my makeup in place.
  • The Liquid foundation brush is the best brush I’ve found to apply my liquid foundation. I just put 3-5 drops of foundation on that brush and it covers my whole face!

If you’re interested in getting the bundle for yourself, you can check out my Younique website. Just remember that I do this business with my mom and little sister under my mom, Tammy’s, name. Thank you!


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